About The Afterword

The Afterword is dedicated to reviews of current and previously published works of fiction, concentrating on my own favorite genres and areas: crime/mystery fiction, literature in translation (especially Nordic/Scandinavian novels), and young adult literature. Many of the reviews on the site are casual and unpublished (see my GoodReads page for older informal reviews), but I will also be (slowly) archiving the reviews I have published since I began writing freelance book reviews in 2007.

About the Author

I moved to New York City from Tucson, Arizona for college, where I completed a degree in Comparative Literature and Creative Writing.  In May 2011, I completed my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science at Long Island University’s Palmer School. Currently, I am a 2012 – 2013 Fulbright Scholar in Iceland, where I am studying Icelandic as a Second Language.

In the (very) long-term, it is my hope to become a translator of contemporary Icelandic fiction and divide my time among my various literary interests: translation, literary criticism, and librarianship.

I currently live in Reykjavík, Iceland and am available to contribute freelance reviews and articles to American and/or European publications and websites: contact me at ethandthorn@gmail.com.