Icelandic Week at Three Percent

So, I’m catching this a bit late, but Three Percent has officially declared it Icelandic Week, in honor of Iceland’s status as the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair (happening this week). Chad Post and co. have a variety of fun/interesting/edifying posts about Icelandic culture, food, music, and oh yeah–books, too. Check out the lot–including discussions of Brennevin, the goal celebrations of Icelandic soccer team Stjarnan, YouTube music videos, and an excerpt of Children of the Reindeer Woods by Kristin Ómarsdóttir (Trans. Lytton Smith) which Open Letter will be releasing in April–here.

Also, one last bit of good news: Amazon Crossing (Amazon’s new press) will be releasing ten Icelandic titles “in the near future.” Amazon Crossing had previously promised  to release four Icelandic novels, which was also great, but ten! Very exciting news for Icelandophilic (not a word, but you get the gist) readers of English.


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