Anonymous Book-Loving Book Artist Leaves Sculptures in Libraries All Over Scotland

I think every country needs to have a bibliophilic book artist to brighten up our libraries…

Mysterious Paper Sculptures Pop Up in Libraries and at Book Festivals All Over Scotland (via Central Stn)

I just love this. Starting in March, an anonymous, book-loving book artist started secretly dropping off incredibly intricate and absolutely lovely paper sculptures in libraries and at book-related events all over Scotland. They were left with messages stating the artist’s “support of libraries, books, words, ideas” first at the Scottish Poetry Library, then at The National Library of Scotland, then at the Filmhouse, then the Scottish Storytelling Center, then the Edinburgh International Book Festival, then the Central Lending Library.

Never once did the artist name him/herself, although various media outlets claimed to have figured out the person’s identity. The original post at Central Stn has many more pictures, so check it out. You’ll also find links to The Guardian‘s coverage, as well as links to the sources that say they figured out who the artist is. I for one, do not want to know. Leave it a mystery for me!


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