Vikings: The First Gumshoes

Over at Detectives Beyond Borders, Peter Rozovsky continues an interesting series of posts about the thematic connections between Icelandic sagas and contemporary crime fiction. He’s posted about this a few times, noting that Icelandic crime authors like Arnaldur Indriðason find inspiration in the sagas, and quoting a passage from Czech author Josef Škvorecký’s Two Murders in My Double Life, in which a character suggests that Dashiell Hammett also drew from them.

The Trouble with Harald

‘I’ve posted from time to time about elements of the Icelandic sagas and other world literature that would be at home in crime fiction.  Few, if any, are as noir as a short section from the middle of King Harald’s Saga. Here are a few chapter titles from that section: “Murder.” “The Mission.” “Death in Denmark.”‘



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