Van Veeteren on Screen at Scandinavia House This Summer

I tend to be a bit scattershot with my reading, preferring to read what captures my interest at any given time rather than adhering (at least with my pleasure reading) to any strict schedule or plan. So while I tend not to be bored with my current reading at any given time, I do tend to put off getting to quite a lot of great/important/classic titles on my ‘to-read’ list because I don’t plan ahead, but rather get distracted by something that I pick up at random in the bookstore or library.

One of the series that I’ve long planned to try is Swedish author Håkan Nesser’s Van Veeteren series. His detective–apparently a grumpy gourmet in his 60s–is introduced when he is still working on the police force in the fictitious Northern European city of Maardam, but in the course of the series (10 novels total, I believe) he retires and becomes the proprietor of an antiquarian bookstore. Nevertheless, even in his retirement, Van Veeteren’s expertise is sometimes still required by the police, who ask him to consult on cases frequently.

Luckily, I now have encouragement to dip into Nesser’s oeuvre, because between July and August, Scandinavia House will be showing episodes of the popular Van Veeteren TV series. The first episode they’ll be showing is based on Nesser’s much-awarded novel Borkmann’s Point, which finds the Maardam police on the trail of a particularly clever and seemingly random ax murderer. A bit grim, but perhaps still a worthy summer read.


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