Fun for Friday: What Your American Girl Doll Says About You

What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

I’m posting this because it is, ostensibly, related to the American Girl book series, and although I know not many young girls/tweenagers read them these days, they (and the amazing American Girl catalogs) made a *huge* impression on me as a child. Some snippets that appealed to me, who did not have an American Girl doll, but balanced an adoring sort of love of Samantha with a far more practical affinity with Molly:

On Samantha: “a Samantha doll was the designer jeans of third grade”

On Molly: “If you had Molly, you probably wanted Samantha instead, but contented yourself with Molly because you too wore glasses, liked books, were bad at math, and would concoct various schemes to get attention…As an adult, you’ve developed a carefully honed aptitude for sarcasm. You’ve gotten contacts, and a slightly edgy haircut.”

On No Doll: “Your parents wouldn’t buy you an American Girl doll because $80 is a ridiculous price to pay for a toy, which would then inevitably lead to the purchase of multiple accessories ranging from the overpriced ($18 for “Winter Accessories,” consisting of tiny doll mittens and a hat), to the exorbitant ($56 for an “Ice Cream Set,” consisting of tiny plastic scoops of ice cream), to the highway robbery ($349 for a “doll’s chest,” a.k.a. tiny wooden box). You grew up to be financially independent, level-headed, unspoiled, and still just a little bit resentful whenever you walk by American Girl Place.”


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