Save New York Library Funding: A Postcard Campaign

Here’s one for all of you New Yorkers:

As many have reported, New York public libraries (all three systems–NYPL, Brooklyn, and Queens) are all facing dire straits due to repeated budget cuts ($37 Million cut from library budgets next year!). Employees are being laid off and hours slashed. While all of New York is facing budgetary crises at present, however, it is for this very reason that libraries in our city need to remain open and well-staffed, able to provide the public services (job searching skills, resume building, language classes, free public space, etc. etc. etc.) and resources large and small (books for academic classes, DVDs for those who can no longer afford Netflix) for patrons. Public library usage sky rockets in times of economic crisis–this is when New Yorkers need libraries more than ever.

There have been oodles of petitions circulating on the internet asking our representatives to preserve library funding in next year’s budget, but as we all know, online petitions are given less credence than a direct phone call to your representative, or a handwritten letter. Given this, many library groups have started a postcard campaign.

It just takes a minute and .28 cents: send a postcard supporting continued, robust funding for public libraries!

Send your card to:

Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer
47-01 Queens Boulevard, Suite 205
Sunnyside, NY 11104


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