GoodReads Makes eBooks Available

In an interesting development, my most-beloved social netbookworking site, GoodReads, has introduced a whole slew of eBooks available for download on their website. Available titles include Midnight Sun, the as-yet unfinished parallel Twilight novel narrated by Edward Cullen that Stephanie Meyers passive-aggressively made available on her website in 2008 following a manuscript leak, as well as time-honored classics like Pride and Prejudice and The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Nicely enough, there do seem to be some foreign language titles available–a cursory search found a smattering of titles in Arabic and German. The list isn’t very easy to search so far–only browseable by “most downloaded” and “popular titles” (which means nothing, really)–but this is a nice addition to the site nonetheless.

While we’re talking eBooks, some others that I’ve found helpful/enjoyable in the past:

GirleBooks: a oh-so-cutely named website focusing on eBook titles by women (where I once found a desperately sought-after version of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South):

The International Children’s Digital Library: A favorite site for me–both great for language-learning purposes and for an interest in children’s literature. You can’t download books from the site, but it’s still quite a resource. They have 4,386 books in 54 languages and are trying (eventually) to translate each title into 100 languages:


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